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Thank you for the kind words

If you're thinking about working with me, hear what my clients have to say about their experiences.

My Mission ...

To lead and help you in a community of inspired women that empowers you to access your core truth & feminine power so you can activate your divine and active abundance codes.

This allows you to clear the ancestral blocks & downloads that don't serve you so the doors to your full potential can open fully where you can step into your greatness as the strong, confident, fun, passionate & successful powerhouse boss you were born to be who inspires this greatness in others.

Together we all inspire others to step into their strength and grow a legacy for the future for themselves and their family.

You are 100% the author of your life ... it's time to write the story you'd be EXCITED to read!

Rachel Bryden

Experiencing trauma & abuse growing up myself, I knew I needed to find the tools to help myself and then be able help others.

Working with Cat as a coach with NLP, Time Line Therapay® and Hypno has impacted my life in so many positive ways.

It has helped my language and communication to flow, removed my limiting beliefs any negative emotions, and now also learning how to coach.

As Cat says when you follow your heart's truth and say YES to yourself amazing transformations awaken and the universe helps you magnetise your purpose.

In being open, new opportunities flow. Not only have I done the program myself and been the student, now I run my own programs helping others live their best life too.

From saying YES, and within a month I saw my business and income grow weekly and the excitement truly began.

I love the people that I have met and the legacy I am building as a result of all I have learned.

This is an amazing opportunity and I am so grateful I embraced it.

Rory DeCosta

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of being coached by Cat and she is a MIRACLE WORKER !

I had a lot going on in my marriage and I was stuck and avoiding the real answers !

Cat called me forward in such a loving way yet was still able to tell me straight that i was playing victim and not owning my BS.

My life and relationships has improved astronomically since getting coached my Cat !

Thank you Cat for the massive impact on my life !

This review does not justify how thankful I am to you !

If anyone is thinking about getting coached Cat is your woman !

Thanks again !

Sarah McCall

My life has absolutely transformed in every way since saying YES to myself and working alongside Cat!

An unbelievable and life changing experience.

From the community of like minded people, to the depth of knowledge, Cat has coached me through and completely helped me to transform my life for the better.

If your sitting on the fence -






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The bottom line is ... you can make excuses or progress but you can't do both! Take the BIGGEST, most EXCITING leap of your life!

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